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ABC Chinese - Why You


Why You


Why You is focused on the creation of multilingual educational materials for children, with a focus on Chinese and English. The company had an interest in developing a flashcard app targeted towards children and their parents.

The App

ABC Chinese went from idea to the App Store in just over 2 months. Mobile Distortion worked in parallel with the Why You team; Why You worked to collect the content for the app (words, images, audio) while Mobile Distortion developed the app framework. After all development was complete and all content had been added, the two teams collaborated on a number of rounds of feedback, after which the app was submitted by Why You to the App Store. Approval took only 2 days.

Key Features

  • 200 words, with two images and 4 audio pronunciations each
  • In addition to the content, all menus and other UI items were translated into the app’s 4 languages: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Cantonese
  • Smooth scrolling interface
  • “Free” version available as separate app on the store, both products are built from the same code base
  • Flurry Analytics integration

Available on the App Store